The D.N.A. group is a creative development, manufacturing, and brand management firm created to help designers establish a presence within the industry. Our goal is to provide a platform where designers, either emerging or established, can have access to services, craftsmen, and other additional talents, which will help them to launch a fully realized collection. 

The D.N.A Group provides a wide variety of services under one roof. All of our design, pattern-making, cutting, sewing production, textile design, fittings, and more are all completed by our talented team of designers and craftsmen in our factory. 

Our group WAS ESTABLISHED IN NEW YORK CITY, CONSULTING FOR DESIGNERS AND HELPING THEM TO NAVIGATE THE SOMETIMES CHALLENGING WATERS OF THE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY. MOVING OUR OPERATIONS COAST TO SAN FRANCISCO, OUR COMPANY BEGAN CONSULTING FOR AN ICONIC FORTY YEAR OLD APPAREL MANUFACTURER. the DNA GROUP, SEEING THE POTENTIAL TO PROVIDE FULL SERVICE TO OUR CLIENTS, ACQUIRED THE MANUFACTURER. Having the vast amount of knowledge that comes from being in the industry for FOUR decades, we have perfected our craft and production system. Many of our craftsmen have been working in their respected field for over fifteen years. We have also been working with our fabric, trim, and other vendors for just as long. Our relationship with all of our clients, vendors, craftsmen, and talent is our highest priority.

The D.N.A Group was founded by OUR Creative Director, Alex Snyder. With over FOURTEEN years in fashion, Alex has worked in many facets of the industry. As a young designer himself once, he remembers the challenges that all new designers face. He has created The D.N.A. Group, as a service that allows young talent to flourish with the help and guidance THEY need. 

We are proud to produce locally in San FranciscO, and to be made in the United States. It is fundamentally important for us to provide jobs to our community, and support our creative talent in our industry. The manufacturing industry has all but disappeared in America, and it is our goal to bring it back. By helping designers to establish themselves using local manufacturing, it is our hope to build a new community that supports this industry.